Well... That Escalted Quickly! Danni Starr Gets Bumrushed on Air and Threatens To Quit Over DJ Quicksilva Guest

Thursday Morning (International Women's Day) on D.C.'s 93.9WKYS The Fam in the Morning got real heated... real fast! 

Radio personality Danni Starr (featured on We TV's Bridezilla) put up a post on social media about needing a babysitter. A "pretty" model responded to Danni's request and never received a response. Danni Starr told a co-worker that she was not interested in "inviting a woman who loos like that in my home" (especially after dealing with adultry in the past). Starr's co-host DJ Quicksilva reached out to the "pretty" aspiring nanny and invited her on the show to apparantly "talk about discrimination against women based on their looks. That's when all hell broke loose!

Listen below:

DJ Quicksilva's wife called into the station and told him what he did was wrong and if they would've slapped him, she wouldn't even be mad. Silva issued an apology to his co-host Danni Starr stating he had no intentions on setting her up and he should've stepped in sooner to deescalate the situation.


Was this a bad publicity stunt for WKYS? Was Quicksilva wrong for inviting the potential babysitter to the station? Was Danni Starr wrong for not hiring the babysitter?

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