Reasons Why Joe Budden Left Complex's Everyday Struggle

Complex's podcast, Everyday Struggle, with DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden and Nadeska Alexis was a growing show on YouTube. 

According to Budden's SoundCloud podcast, here's a timeline of what happened: 
  • 1. Complex told Budden he can't smoke in the bathroom for 9 months.
  • 2. Noah, Elliot and more people at Complex did not list Joe Budden in final credits even though he created the show.
  • 3. Joe Budden was a lot more passionate about fixing problems with Complex in the first 2 months.
  • 4. Complex made a sponsor integration with Nike Vapor Max sneakers and they wanted him to wear them on the show. He did, but Complex did not share profit with creators.
  • 5. Spotify wants host to talk about Rap Caviar playlist for little to no money and insert topics for Joe to talk about. Joe refused. Complex severed relationship with Spotify.
  • 6. Complex sells properties to the show without splitting with the creators
  • 7. Complex/Verizon incorporated guest in the show which was not apart of the original plan.

I support Joe Budden to require respect and compensation from Complex and Verizon. This happens every day in corporate America. Budden should create his own podcast and run with it.


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