[Producer Beef] Legendary Producers Bink! & Hitmakerz Go At It On IG

 As if rap beef between Cam'ron and Ma$e want enough, there's now beef between two legendary Producers! Bink (Jay-Z, Prodigy, Rick Ross etc...) and Hitmakers (Dipset, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, etc...) were going back and forth on IG about a 2009 battle where Bink! claims he was cheated out of a win against Hitmakerz, but the same beat (Kanye "Devil in a Blue Dress)  was nominated for Beat of the Year.
(Check it out here)

 After a few comments and tags, Hitmakerz responded asking everyone to name a Bink! beat that's better than The Dipset anthem...
Here's some of the conversation below:

Things are getting out of control! Someone contact Swizz Beatz and get him to set up another beat battle!